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Covering the seats when we arrive, as well as decorating the stage, are the subject of the show: romance novels. The performer (Charlotte Gallagher) shares with us her life-long love of these novels and even has a pen name, ‘Carlotta de Galleon’, ready for her big break as a writer. So much is her interest in romantic novels that she even wrote her Masters thesis on the subject. But there’s one problem: she’s also a feminist. Can she reconcile her enjoyment of these books with the sad reality that they are “patriarchal, bourgeois and heteronormative”?

Highlighting the cliched nature of the writing, she wastes no time in engaging the audience in a hilarious re-imagining of a formulaic sex scene, substituting everyday kitchen implements for genitalia. As a performer, de Galleon is instantly likeable with a tongue-in-cheek, charismatic manner.

Charlotte wants to believe that these books might actually be feminist. She suggests that perhaps the heroines are not ‘pure’ virgins oppressed by the patriarchy, but strong women waiting to have sex until they find the ‘one’, and learning about self-worth along the way. And did we know that Mills and Boon is streaks ahead of Hollywood in terms of oral sex equality?

Her defence of these novels as feminist may be unconvincing, but the subject of this show is unusual and makes for a consistently funny hour.

Review by Rachel Murray

Liverpool Sound and Vision

Rating 9/10

English Literature is awash with the heaving bosom of the heroine being swept off her feet by the man she thought was broken, dangerous, a heart ruled by anarchistic ritual and yet you won’t find that many books of the romantic nature inside Britain’s book shops, not unless you delve deeply into the classic section and realise that all those writers of a by-gone age knew something that that modern audiences, so full of sophistication and drowning in scepticism, have forgotten; that sex and romance sells like almost nothing else available to read.

Review by IAN D HALL

Charlotte Gallagher

Carlotta de Galleon
– A Fool for Love!

Carlotta de Galleon – A Fool for Love! @spotlites @edfringe

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Previews: Thurs 4th - Sat 6th
Sun 7th - Sun 28th August 2016

3:55pm (55 mins)

From England

Carlotta is a romance novelist except she’s never been in love. Or written a book.
She’s also a feminist. Sort of.
Follow Carlotta as she strives to: fall in love with the one (just like the heroines of her favourite books!),
write a romance novel (with the help of you the audience),
live happily ever after (maybe).

Warning: there is feminism, literary criticism and improvisation in this show.
Come and fall in love with Carlotta de Galleon!

‘Very funny… an eye-opener’ **** (

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Previews: Thurs 4th - Sat 6th: £5
£8 (£5 Concession) (£24 family of 4)

Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+
2for1 on Mon 8th & Tues 9th

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Venue 278. 22-26 George Street. EH2 2EP
Venue Box Office: 0131 240 2784

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