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Testimonials from our previous Edinburgh companies using Spotlites venues:

'We all enjoyed our first experieince of performing on the Fringe, and we could not have chosen better people to work with to make that happen' John - Bonded-by-Blood

It was such an incredible experience for me performing at Spotlites and the Fringe. I am still recovering. Thanks again for everything Rachel. You truly made my tme in Edinburgh very special and I felt so supported and loved!' Clare - Doing Time with Number 5

'Thanks again for all the work you and the team put into Chimprovisations! As I've said before, it was an amazing month and we all enjoyed the experience immensely.' Nick, MWP

'We had a great time in Edinburgh and loved the venue! Thanks for all your help and hard work.' Andrew Cox

'It was a great pleasure working with you and your friendly, fabulous team. Thanks for all your help to make my Edinburgh show so special.' Sandro Monetti

'We are very happy with how the show went and are grateful to you and all your staff for your help during the process. We look forward to seeing and working with you again.' Nick, d'Animate

'Thanks for all your support of the Belles during their run - in a cappella circles/reviewer they got 8/10! Even the Magnets-famous international a cappella group came to see them and they got 4 stars!' Penny, The Oxford Belles

'I would love to make an Edinburgh comeback and particularly with Spotlites as you were all so welcoming and helpful' Greg

'Thank you for everything. We've come to you for the last three years because you do things properly.' Alan, Practical Magic Theatre Company

'Thank you for all your help over the last few weeks - it's been an amazing run, we couldn't have done it without you!' The Oxford Belles

'And kudos to Spotlites for giving them a space and a voice at the Fringe.' Paul, FringeReview

'We learnt a lot from your press release, it really made the concept of the show clearer and we have had more success since then.' Tim Shoesmith

'We are very indebted to you & your staff in Edinburgh. Thank you so much! Thank you for your kindness.' Sadaaki, PLE-MIX

'The kids in the show had a ball and we enjoyed working with you all at the venue. Everyone was really helpful and a special thanks to Colin for helping Graham with the technicals.' Jacqui, Take 3 Theatre Company

'I wanted to thank you personally for the excellent services that we enjoyed with Spotlites this August. With a number of sell-out performances, our expectations of (little!) success were shattered thanks to your professionalism but, moreover, we have had an experience that few of us will ever forget in Edinburgh, and I certainly will aim to return to the Fringe over the coming years.' Edward, Artfeldt

'Thanks so much again for everything you, Colin and the rest of the Spotlites team did for us over the Festival.' Nick, EUSOG

'Hi Rachel,
Thank you, it was a pleasure for us to perform at your venue.'
Joanna, LCP Dance Theatre

'It was a great exprience to be part of the Edinburgh Fringe and the program of your venue.
I would like to thank you deeply again for all your support for us. Thank you to all your staffs who were more than just helpful for us.'
Hwawon, viafestival