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Imperial College Dramatic Society


Emoji @spotlites @edfringe

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Sun 14th - Sat 20th August 2016

12:00pm (noon) (45 mins)

From England

Meet Kyle’s phone. Inside it, like every mobile, a hidden emoji-world exists. Emojis live with one ultimate goal: to become one of the ‘frequently used’.

Brian the brown shoe emoji is a deadbeat. In one night, Brian is used 27 times, skyrocketing him to fame.
How will he cope?
Will the poo emoji like him?
Or will he end up back in the pool of anonymous emojis, never to be used again?

Join us, as we delve into the fame-obsessed universe of emojis.
You’ll laugh with tears of joy!
You’ll cry two parallel streams of tears!

You’ll... Aubergine!

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£4 (£3 Concession) (£10 family of 4)

Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+

Friends of Fringe: 2 for 1 anytime – only available from Fringe Box Office

book tickets for edinburgh fringe festival


Venue 278. 22-26 George Street. EH2 2EP
Venue Box Office: 0131 240 2784

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