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Book one of our plays where we come to your school

We have just returned from a sell-out tour of our professional interactive plays for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We are on your doorstep and are offering to bring our 5-star award winning shows to you, this Christmas before these shows continue their tour.
We have four interactive plays for Key Stage 1 and two interactive plays for Key Stage 2 available. These are all interactive plays where the children are immersed in the action and involved onstage throughout. They experience the story actively, not passively. We provide quality literacy experiences for children with real educational value.

Spotlites Shows for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Robinson Crusoe for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Spotlites Braveheart for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

‘‘These shows provide pupils of all ages with a high quality theatre experience that many would never usually have access to. The interactive format means children are ‘hooked’ from the first moment they enter the room. Spell-binding storytelling through the magic of theatre. A quality experience that links to so many areas of the curriculum both academic and social. A real ‘wow’ moment in the year for staff and pupils alike. We thoroughly recommend these shows to schools’’ Assistant Head and EYFS Leader- Bligh Federation


Magic Porridge Pot

Professional interactive play for 2-7s

Help Boy cook magic porridge!
Splat porridge in a magic food fight!
Jump in the huge sea of porridge!
Professional interactive theatre: little ‘uns come onstage throughout!

Runs 45 minutes

Spotlites Magic Porridge Pot 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Magic Porridge Pot 2 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Spotlites Magic Porridge Pot 4 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Magic Porridge Pot 3 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

‘‘Cleverly written, directed and performed’’ One4Review

‘‘A great adaptation of this famous Brothers Grimm story and superbly interactive’’ Primary Times


Puss in Boots

Professional interactive play for 2-7s

Help Puss storm ogre's bouncy castle!
Chase enchanted mice!
Splat magic mud pies!

Professional interactive theatre: little ’uns come onstage throughout!

Runs 45 minutes

Spotlites Puss in Boots 2 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Spotlites Puss in Boots 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Puss in Boots 3 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

‘‘Puss in Boots is an outstanding combination of fairy tale and play, comedy and drama, interaction and performance. No one does it quite like Spotlites.’’ OUTSTANDING SHOW - FringeReview

''This was great fun full on active, interactive and physical theatre by an animated and engaging cast and crew. And, what tremendous fun was had - squelching in mud, playing cat's cradle, jumping on a bouncy castle - chasing the ogre in his different forms - including as mice - and eating the (chocolate) spoils and, of course choosing boots for Puss. Lottie liked best having a tail and meowed all the way home on the bus - much to the entertainment of the other rush hour travelers.
A girl close to us (aged 3) chuckled throughout and was delighted 'Tee hee, that was silly' she said. Even those who were a little more shy to take part on stage (including Rose), got a chance to pretend to be rabbits, cats and other farmyard animals - and, most importantly, bounce at the end. Totally thrilling for younger kids and impossible not to enjoy. Even the other parents had smiles on their faces on the way out. These guys know how to entertain children - absolutely brilliant!'' - Primary Times


The Golden Goose

Professional interactive play for 3-8s

Chop the tree to rescue the gluey Goose!
Stick tight to its gooey golden feathers!
Sail away on the magic land-ship!

Runs 45 minutes

Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!
Little 'uns come on stage throughout!

Spotlites Golden Goose sailing 2 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Golden Goose 9 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Golden Goose Sailing 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Join Boy as he shares his food with a starving old wizard who shows him how to chop down a tree to free the magical golden goose!
The townspeople are greedy and each try to steal a golden feather, they stick to the gluey Golden Goose

The sad princess laughs to see all the people stuck and running along behind boy and the Golden Goose!

''Enchanting... Utterly lovely... another winner'' - FringeReview

‘‘It was lovely to see a classic children's nursery tale retold without a modern twist, just a good tale of being kind to people and not stealing, shown through the engaging and gentle actions of the characters. The use of newspaper trees which the children helped to chop down were very clever and the theme continued with giant cut out paper doll chains stuck to the golden goose, everyone in the audience making their own paper dolls and even going home with a present of an origami goose. Lots of imagination was used for this production with great effect so every one of all ages were engaged and involved as much as they felt comfortable with. Another charming production from Spotlites, we are looking forward to next year already! Our young reviewers said: Will aged 6 said, I like it when they were chopping the trees and it all fell down. Charlie aged 4 said, it was really funny seeing all the people and dancing and falling over each other when they were stuck to the golden goose. I liked making the bread and blowing water on the floor.'' - Primary Times

Spotlites Golden Goose Paper people 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites Golden Goose magic 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school


The Enormous Turnip

Professional interactive play for 3-7s

Help Grandad plant the tiny seed!
Slide in the snail slime!
Heave up the enormous turnip!
Professional interactive theatre: little ’uns come onstage throughout!

Runs 50 minutes

Spotlites enormous turnip planting 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites enormous turnip grandparents for Schools @spotlites #tour @school Spotlites enormous turnip wheelbarrow 1 for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

‘‘So perfect’’ ThreeWeeks

‘‘A captivating treat for children’’

‘‘A treat that shouldn't be missed. "The Enormous Turnip is the best thing I've seen this festival" Beth (aged 4 1/2)’’ Primary Times

Spotlites enormous turnip kids onstage throughout for Schools @spotlites #tour @school



Spotlites braveheart kids onstage throughout for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Professional interactive play for 5 – 12s

Runs 80 mins (with a 10 min break if desired)

Spotlites braveheart collage for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Battle the English with real claymores!
Pelt rocks at soldiers with Mirren!
Fight for freedom with William Wallace!
Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!

Unjustly imprisoned by the Sheriff who killed his father, Wallace escapes to the woods. His friends gather to begin a deadly guerrilla warfare against the tyrant knights and free Scotland! 'Freeeeeedom!'

''"Fantastic! Ten stars!" (Stephen, 9) The Spotlites interactive children's plays are always one of the highlights of the Fringe, so we were very excited about seeing their new play, Braveheart. As always, there's plenty of interaction for children -- stone-throwing, herb-picking and an exciting dexterity training scene where four kids made a thrilling challenge for a fifth, using fish and wooden poles. The actors are welcoming and encouraging with the children and very positive about their contribution. It's a lovely way to get kids involved in theatre. The final scene with an entire audience of children wielding foam claymores as long as themselves and rushing the English traitor in berserk fury was stunning. Where my older son was very calming afterwards ("It's okay, Mum. He was wearing real armour"), my six-year-old was cheering, "I stabbed the bad guy in his last remaining eye!" as we left, so the actors are to be congratulated on their bravery. My boys *loved* the play, and not just because of the scene with the claymores. There was a pleasing amount of dramatic battling between characters, and a clear and engaging storyline with thoroughly dastardly bad guys and the three young heroes setting off to free their country from injustice and oppression. It's beautifully judged for the age group of 5 upward. Braveheart felt a little darker and more dramatic than some of this company's previous work. It was very much a story of coming of age and taking on responsibility in the face of injustice. When they weren't helping on stage, the kids were glued to their seats (and not just my kids -- the whole audience). There was tragedy, too, which was quickly turned into thirst for revenge, but which was also genuinely affecting. This production wears its learning lightly, but it's definitely there -- the claimants for the throne of Scotland are introduced in a light-hearted and entertaining way by King Edward as part of a fixed race to see who can sit on the Stone of Destiny first.'' Primary Times

''This is a great fun show, which primary school age kids will love. It features plenty of adventure and excitement, and plenty of stage action for the children, who will all get to join in as much or as little of the show as they like.' Sunday Mail 'William Wallace led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I and inflicted a famous defeat on the English army at Stirling Bridge. He is remembered in Scotland as a patriot and national hero. Braveheart takes us to historical Scotland and finds characters that are equally compelling and we find a satisfying tale, a rounded-story that offers heroism, comedy, tragedy and explores themes of loyalty, destiny and the choice between always reacting with the sword, and when it is wiser to be patient and use your head! And the “Who wants to help me?” approach taken by Spotlites is an approach that models collaboration as an important value in the world. Each time it is uttered, there is an invitation to the children to experience themselves as members of a wider community. We are stronger if we reach out beyond ourselves and offer help and respond to invitations of help. This is part of the genius of the Spotlites approach. The invitation to help is never forced – the children make a free choice. to put up ther hands and get on stage where there is a needed task to be achieved. And those hands do shoot up with eager looks on the faces of the audience – Pick me! Pick me! It boosts confidence in the kids. By the end everyone has had the chance to get involved. We’ve all had a go! But, at heart, it’s a moral quality at the heart of this kind of theatre. The story needs us, the characters call us to assist them and we realise the story progresses better when we join in. The story of William Wallace is the story of a downtrodden people re-awakening their “brave hearts”. This is achieved through faith that we have a destiny. We are offered the gritty reality of sword fights and the sad deaths of our friends and loved ones. The English are painted as a dark people, deceptive, selfish and cruel. The Scots are presented in a more noble way and, ultimately, a people who are loyal to each other; it is the power of community that makes them strong; community and trust in noble leaders. Overall this is important, unmissable children’s theatre, that tells a tale, but goes further, it demonstrates the value of helping each other, and realising that our hearts become braver through those around us. A must see show.'' FringeReview


Robinson Crusoe the lost Jedi Knight

Spotlites Robinson Crusoe for Schools @spotlites #tour @school

Professional interactive play for 5 – 12s
Runs 80 mins (with a 10 min break if desired)

Battle the Sith Pirates with real lightsabres!
Master the Force with Jedi Knight Crusoe!

Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!

Critically hit, Jedi Knight Crusoe crash lands his X-Wing!
Can he fulfil his crucial mission?

Spotlites Robinson Crusoe collage for Schools @spotlites #tour @school “This is an interactive adventure - a space version of Robinson Crusoe, now a Jedi Knight, stranded on a distant planet, seeking a way off, hunted by dark powers, and seeking a powerful crystal.Here’s a rare thing here; a performance that finds the balance between performance of a scripted piece and dynamic engagement with an audience. It’s all acted with full-hearted and full-bodied commitment and the opportunities for involvement of childred are fair-minded and well designed. This is no pantomime pastiche but a piece of theatre in its own right. The characters are well drawn but also draw on the iconic characterisations of the films. We have lessons about loyalty, good and bad, seeing things through and also we have fun, humour and a bit of fear. It’s a great show for kids!” Fringereview

“If Spotlites's interactive show for 5-12s is not unique it is certainly totally unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere else. Rachel Thomson-King's take on audience involvement is almost a new art form. Crusoe is a gentle and inviting Jedi Knight stranded on a floating planet so this is Defoe meets Star Wars. Actors play roles and children play games - but at Spotlites that's the same thing. The fight at the end when every child in the audience fights off the Siths with multi-coloured lit wands is powerful, lump-in-the-throat theatre.“ The Stage


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